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Scheming//How's My Driving?

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Suggestions? If you've got anything to say about my Renji, or anything you'd like to maybe plan to do with him, this is the place to say it. All comments are screened; anon commenting is enabled and IP logging is off. But I'd prefer if you just talked to me if you have an issue. I promise I don't bite. Ding me on AIM at kawreee, or email me at bond.of.flames@gmail.com anytime. Door's always open.


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[White Day Gifts from Renji will be found on respective desks as follows:

Isane: Well, since Renji's baking skills leave many somethings to be desired, hopefully she won't mind a storebought box of chocolate snowflakes to go with her stuffed dog (bears are overdone). There's also a note that reads, 'Isane, I cooked too much made a reservation for two at a nice restaurant tonight at 8. Wanna come with?'

Rukia: Again, no homemade chocolate from Renji is probably a good thing, so please accept a box of fancy chocolate eggs to go with this adorable little guy. Also a note that reads, 'Happy White Day. We ain't talked in a while. You free at all this week? I got something to tell you.' and then scribbled as an obvious afterthought: 'It ain't bad news.'

Hinamori: He hopes this chocolate peach is as delicious as the fancy box makes it look.

Nanao: He really couldn't pass up this chocolate book--it just had your name all over it.

Rangiku: These chocolate shotglasses seemed highly appropriate.

Kuukaku: Also gets some chocolate shotglasses, along with a bonus rather adorable and possibly explosive stuffed critter that made him think of her.

Ururu (because he loves his bentou, even if it wasn't really a ValDay gift), Mikagami, and Unohana (because it never hurts to suck up a little to captain mom): These lovely ladies will receive a box of chocolate (LOL LITERALLY) with some yummy wafers inside.

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[Byakuya will find an envelope stuck in the track of the door to his office today. It's a day late, but Renji figures he'll understand the delay, what with all the nonsense that's been going on lately. The note reads as follows, in Renji's best calligraphcy (which is nothing to be too proud of, but hey, he tried):]

Happy Birthday, Taichou. Maybe one of these days I'll actually have the time to come over and bitch about how boring calligraphy lessons are. In the meantime, just wanted you to know I did practice.

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[[OOC PS: i know i still owe some of you tags; i haven't forgotten. i've just had a busy week and i failed at multitasking. i have like three half-finished tags i should actually get to posting tomorrow. SORRY! @_@]]

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[good thing Renji went shopping for Rukia's present BEFORE all hell broke loose. waiting for her outside the door to her room this morning is a small gift bag tied with a thin white ribbon. inside the bag is a little box with six hand-carved wooden rabbits inside, and just to show there's no hard feelings, a little bag of strawberry candies. he hopes she'll get the irony. XD included is a note:]

Hope your birthday is a little less mortally dangerous than the week before it. Have a good one.